Title:Index of BitTorrent Enhancement Proposals
Version: cc019ba660805f441593d565cd930a4d1f4ae471
Last-Modified:Fri Jul 20 09:34:18 2018 -0700
Author: David Harrison <>
Status: Active
Post-History:Oct 13, 2012: updated link to document repository

The BitTorrent Community Forum coordinates the development of the BitTorrent protocol suite and its reference implementation. It is the wish of Bram Cohen that the BitTorrent mainline python implementation remain open source and that the protocol development process be modelled after the Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP) process [1].

This document indexes all BitTorrent Enhancement Proposals (BEPs). When a new proposal is submitted, one of the editors assigns a BEP number and updates this index appropriately. Each document has a number that never changes and the history of the document is maintained in git [2].

Accepted BEPs

These BEPs describe mechanisms that have been deployed in one or more BitTorrent implementations and have proven useful. They may require minor revisions. They await the blessing of the BDFL before they can be considered Final.

Num Title
5 DHT Protocol
6 Fast Extension
9 Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files
10 Extension Protocol
11 Peer Exchange (PEX)
12 Multitracker Metadata Extension
14 Local Service Discovery
15 UDP Tracker Protocol
19 HTTP/FTP Seeding (GetRight-style)
23 Tracker Returns Compact Peer Lists
27 Private Torrents
29 uTorrent transport protocol
55 Holepunch extension

Deferred BEPs

The editor(s) deem that the following BEPs are not progressing toward standardization, but they have not yet been withdrawn.

Num Title
8 Tracker Peer Obfuscation
18 Search Engine Specification
22 BitTorrent Local Tracker Discovery Protocol
26 Zeroconf Peer Advertising and Discovery
28 Tracker exchange

Withdrawn BEPs

At this time, no BEPs have been withdrawn.

Rejected BEPs

At this time, no BEPs have been rejected.